Guaranteed Over-50 Plans

A simple way to leave a cash lump sum.

  • Guaranteed-acceptance Life Insurance for anyone aged 50 to 80. (85 in some cases)
  • No medical questions to answer.
  • Available for low-cost monthly payments.
  • Not all Over 50s Life Insurance is the same so we can advise you.
  • Cover continues for life.

Over-50s Plans are a popular way to provide a cash lump sum to help with funeral costs, cover unpaid bills or leave an inheritance for grandchildren or loved ones.

We'll find the best cover for you.

Few of us like to think too much about what happens after we pass away, but taking care of loved ones by making sure they don't face considerable financial costs at a time of loss is a thoughtful act.

Some people choose Over-50s Life Insurance so their families aren't left with the unexpected bills, some want to cover funeral expenses in advance, and others choose them as a way to leave their loved ones a gift.

Over-50s policies leave your family a cash amount, from £500 up to £36,000, or even more. Generally, you'll pay in the same amount each month to get a set lump sum out, but some policies are designed to rise in line with the cost of living, so if that's something that interests you, do let us know.

Simply choose a premium you'd like to pay or select the level of cover that meets your needs. For example, you might opt to pay £10 a month, which might buy you cover of £5,000. Then as long as you keep up the payments, your family will receive £5,000 on your death.

Most insurers insist you make a minimum number of payments before receiving the full pay-out; sometimes that's one year's worth, sometime it's two. Before then, your estate is likely to get back only what you've paid in or maybe a bit more. But if you were to die even a day after the qualifying period, your beneficiaries will get the full £5,000. For accidental death, however, policies usually offer full cover from day one - and sometimes more.

Did you know ?

Over-50s plans are one of the UK's most popular types of insurance - it's important to ensure you get the right advice!

Duncan Nash - LifeSearch Adviser

Most asked questions

Life Insurance costs rise with age, so Over-50s plans are an affordable way to buy cover. Unlike traditional life assurance, you can get cover without having to answer health questions or take a medical. If you're aged between 50 and 80 (or 85 with some policies) you'll be accepted regardless of any health issues you have.

Over 50s policies are a quick and simple way to leave behind some helpful money for your family. You need to remember though that the cash lump sum on death normally counts as part of your estate and so may be subject to inheritance tax. You could pay more in premiums that the plan pays out so do talk to us about this as there may be better alternatives such as a whole of life plan. You cannot cash over 50s plans in as they hold no cash in value.

It is dependent on your circumstances.  Life Insurance doesn't usually attract income or capital gains tax, but as family members could face inheritance tax on the pay-out from this type of policy, it could be worth writing this in trust. Our advice is that you speak to us, so we can advise you on what to do.

It might be, but we need to talk to you to understand your circumstances so we can advise.  For instance a term policy that runs for a specific term or a whole of life policy might represent better value for you and your family.  At LifeSearch we have access to the majority of UK insurers so can properly advise you as to which plan to select.  

Words of Wisdom

There are lots of ways you can make sure your Over-50s plan works for you; whether you choose cover that caps the amount you pay in or limits the number of payments you make, we'll make sure you get a policy that's right for you!