Life Insurance

Life Insurance protects the most important people in your life.

  • Life cover provides for your family.
  • It pays a cash lump sum or income if you die.
  • Personalise your cover for your family.

Setting up a life insurance policy to benefit your family is one of the most thoughtful, generous and selfless things you can do.

We'll find the best cover for you.

Life cover pays a cash sum if you die. Policies are generally designed to help families cope with the financial pressure of losing the household's main earner. There are many different varieties of life cover, suiting all sorts of needs.

  • Cover to last for a defined period or for the rest of your life?
  • Cover just for you, or for you and your partner?
  • Cover that stays at the same level, or increases with inflation?
  • Cover that pays out as a lump sum or as an income?

Term Assurance is the cover we most often recommend. It pays out on the death of the policy holder for the period insured and offers very good value for money.

  • Set the level of cover you need, and for how long.
  • If you die in that period, the policy pays out.
  • Many policies pay early if you find you've under 12 months to live.

Do you need to pay off a mortgage or debt? Do you have dependent children? Speak with an Adviser and we'll find the best cover for you.

Did you know ?

£230,000 approximate costs of raising a child from birth to 21.

Source: LV=

Top 10 most asked questions

Life Cover pays out to your loved ones if you die. It is designed to protect your family and ensure they don't suffer financially. Usually a policy is bought to cover the period (or term) your family need most help.

Price will vary depending on your health, your job, the amount of cover you want and maybe even your hobbies. The life cover policy you buy is there to protect your family  - not anyone else's - so it's worth finding a policy that will exactly suit your needs.

You can buy whole-of-life policies that do pay out whenever you die. But because these policies always pay, they're very expensive. More cost-effective policies provide cover for a set period (a term) and can be used to protect your mortgage, or provide for children until they are independent.

No. Term Insurance is designed to protect your family if you die, so your family won't need protecting if you don't die. (In the same way, car insurance won't pay out if you don't have an accident and pet insurance doesn't pay if your pet stays well).


1 in 29 children will lose a parent while still in full-time education.