Tuesday 03 April 2018, 02:50 PM

Tom Baigrie
CEO , LifeSearch

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Milton Keynes LifeSearcher Rebecca Welch posted a blog on our internal newsfeed yesterday, about male suicide in the UK.

This struck a chord with me - having had close relationships with several people with mental health problems, and often biking past the South Bank tower with it's 84 male figures looking like they are about to jump from the top.

#Project84 asks a question that needs to reach a much wider audience.  Did you know, that in the UK, suicide is the biggest cause of men dying an early death? That's according to CalmZone, who also assert that 75% of all UK suicides in 2015 were male. It's clear a lot of men struggle to ask for help.

CalmZone have launched their #Project84 to call on government to make a change in how we treat and support mentally unwell people and to do more to help stop male suicide. Their stories of the 84 men that helped inspire the project, will break your heart, and open your eyes.

Please sign up and help the cause by clicking the following link: https://www.projecteightyfour.com/