Income Protection

The policy every working person should consider.

  • The most essential cover you can buy.
  • Pays out if you're sick, disabled or unemployed.
  • Offers long or short-term cover.

Income Protection can cover up to 70% of your pre-tax pay if you are unable to work. Being unable to earn is less of a worry when you know your wages are protected.

We'll find the best cover for you.

Everything: if your income is the one thing that pays for all your outgoings, Income Protection covers everything you pay for.

The best policies provide a tax-free monthly amount until your retirement date.

  • Protect against disability and sickness - you can opt for unemployment cover too
  • Homemakers can cover the cost of homecare and childcare
  • Income Protection pays out until you're able to start working again - or for the period you choose

The most comprehensive Income Protection policies are 'Own Occupation' policies, which cover you if you're unable to do your current job. Beware of 'Any-Occupation' cover which only pays out if you're unable to do any paid work: you could be off work but not ill enough to claim.

We will ONLY recommend an Income Protection policy that will pay out if you're unable to do your own job.

Call us to find the policy that best suits you.

Income Protection starts paying out after you have signed off work by a doctor. Because you are far more likely to be unable to work due to illness than to die, Income Protection is more important to have than life cover.

Don't confuse proper Income Protection with lesser types of policy sold under similar names. These never pay out for more than two years - and usually not for the conditions most likely to cause you to be off work.

Speak with an Adviser and we'll find the best cover for you.

Did you know ?

If you opt for a policy that pays out after a delay (perhaps your employer offers sick pay, or you have savings to tide you over) you can buy a much cheaper policy. Many people, for example, opt for a three month wait for this reason.

Ricky Butler - Senior LifeSearch Adviser

Common questions

Income Protection will replace part of your income if you're unable to work due to ill health. It covers essential outgoings and provides for your family. You might want to consider unemployment protection too

You can choose a policy that should be built around your own individual circumstances. Some people want to cover as much of their income as they can, others just want to protect mortgage payments. You can choose how long your plan stays in place, and how long each claim pays out for, too.

Yes. Even if you have difficulty proving your income there are options available.

Income Protection works very differently to PPI cover - they're completely different policies. PPI will cover debts that have been insured, Income Protection provides you with a tax-free income.

You very rarely need to: because insurance benefits are paid tax-free, there's no income tax to pay, you might also be entitled to benefits or aid to help make up the shortfall.

State benefits are low, often means tested and may only pay if you're very severely impaired. An Own-Occupation protection policy pays out if you're unable to do your job - and will continue to pay out until you've recovered or reach retirement age.


Only 1 in 10 families have Income Protection cover

(23% have pet insurance)