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The best bit is that you ask us whatever you want and it won't cost you a penny. Speak with an Adviser who will answer any questions you have and then search the market for the best cover for you.

Why get advice?

  • Why is advice important?

    Our experts know the market better than anyone. Their advice is your guarantee of value.

  • How much cover do I need?

    The precise amount will depend on you - and your family. Call us and we'll find the right figure.

  • How long do I need cover for?

    Cover should last as long as support is needed. We'll help you find out how long that is.

  • What cover should I choose?

    Call us to discover your needs and we'll advise you on the right kind of cover and find the best deal for you.

Our 5 step advice process

Our process

  • 1

    We get
    to know

  • 2

    We recommend what we think is best

  • 3

    You decide what you want & how much to spend

  • 4

    We take you through the

  • 5


Take advantage of using Trusts

LifeSearch offers all clients free arrangement of straightforward trusts. Trusts specify who gets the money from a policy, speed up payments and avoid Inheritance Tax* that's often due.

*Tax rules are subject to change

Trusts let you say who the money goes to - and how much they get.

Trusts get money paid without the normal legal delays.

Trusts make sure no Inheritance Tax is paid on the money.

We will put your policy in trust for free

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Did you know ?

We wrote over 40,000 policies last year. We use all the major insurers, and for all of them we’re a top 5 customer.


What are the most common reasons to claim for critical Illness?

Source: Protection Review

We're very good at what we do

LifeSearch has won Best Protection Provider in 10 out of the last 11 years, and a lot more besides.

5th Business Quality Awards 2016 Winner
Best Proetction Adviser 2016
Protection Review 2017 Winner

Free, unbiased, expert advice.

Speak with an Adviser who will answer any questions you have, and find the best cover the market has to offer.

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