How do you choose the right cover?

We'll guide you through your options - and help you make the right decision.

What should I get cover for?

  • If I die

    You could arrange for your family to receive a tax-free lump sum to pay off a mortgage or maybe replace your income.

  • If I'm too ill to work

    A large cash sum paid direct to you could help with healthcare costs. Or choose to cover your income.

  • If I lose my job

    Redundancy disrupts family's finances - but many policies protect against unemployment. Call us to talk through your options.

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  • My funeral

    At an upsetting time. the cost of a funeral can be stressful. Talk to us and find out how we can help.

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How long do you need cover for?

How long your cover should last depends on what it is you want to protect.

  • Your mortgage

    To make sure your house is covered you need to match your cover to the term of your mortgage.

  • Your kids

    You need to cover your kids for however long they'll be dependent on you financially.

  • Your retirement

    If you've planned for your retirement you might want to protect your savings against healthcare costs.

  • Rest of your days

    Want to leave an inheritance for your family? Think about how much they need.

What to think about if you're...


Could you pay all your bills if you weren't earning? How long would you last without your pay?


Does your partner depend on your income? Thinking of buying a home? Will you need insurance to cover a mortgage?


Income Protection protects your family from financial hardship if you lose your income. Life Insurance protects them if you die.


Mortgage paid? Children left? Think about protecting against the expense of funeral costs? Or covering the costs or inheritance tax?

Did you know ?

We wrote over 40,000 policies last year. We use all the major insurers, and for all of them we’re a top 5 customer.

Common questions

Simple: we'll tell you. We know your policy inside out, and if you're wondering whether you might have grounds for a claim we'll tell you. We're experts at negotiating payouts on behalf of our clients: if you're eligible, we'll get you paid.

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Terminal Illness Cover is a feature of life insurance that allows for the early payout of Life Insurance - so the 'Death Benefit' - as it's called - is paid out when the policyholder is diagnosed with less than 12 months to live - rather than after they die. (The early payout that Terminal Illness Cover provides may assist policyholders in putting their affairs in order).

Critical Illness Cover is a different type of cover that pays the policyholder if they're diagnosed with one the illnesses listed in the policy. There are usually up to fifty illnesses specified in a policy and although they're not necessarily fatal - for example heart attack, blindness or cancer - each would have a significant  - critical - impact on the policyholder's life. A Critical Illness benefit might allow policyholders to buy treatment, pay off a mortgage or make home modifications, for example.

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Any time you like. There are very few penalties for changing cover, and generally all you need to do is cancel a direct debit and start a new application. Be careful, though, because many policies get more expensive the older you are and changes in your health could affect the cover available. We'll be able to advise the best options for you.

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If you're financially dependent on your income and need your pay to cover the bills, we recommend Income Protection. If your family would struggle with the bills if you died, you might choose Family Income Benefit. The cover you need depends on your personal circumstances - call us if you've any questions at all!

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Only 1 in 10 families have income protection.

23% have Pet Insurance.

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