Tele Interviewers

Taking clients through their medical applications over the phone

  • Taking clients through their medical applications
  • Thoughtfully and fully covering tricky areas of questioning
  • Being highly accurate to give the best chances of the insurance paying out
  • Working to a busy schedule of daily interviews
  • Being a great ambassador for our culture and values

After the Protection Adviser has advised on the appropriate policy for the client, the application for the cover needs to be completed.

Historically, life insurance applications have been long-winded and stressful for clients, with loads of complex paperwork. LifeSearch has revolutionised the way brokers complete applications by introducing a team of Tele-Interviewers.

The Protection Adviser uses a real-time booking system to reserve a slot with one of our Tele-Interviewers. At the agreed time, the Tele-Interviewer calls the client to run through the application submitting all the information directly onto the insurer's underwriting system.
The Tele-Interviewing role is very busy and each application needs to be completed in a professional, competent, friendly and timely manner, so that the next client's appointment is not late.

Communications skills are key. You'll be asking some very difficult and personal questions about a client's medical history that can be quite sensitive, or trying to obtain information the client isn't happy to disclose. You need to be able to think fast.

You need to be well used to working towards targets to be a successful Tele-Interviewer as there are expectations about the number of clients you interview, and also the quality of your interviews. Quality is important so we regularly listen to calls and look at notes to ensure accuracy. Sloppiness can impact clients and that's not good.

LifeSearch Values

Our values are care, honesty, openness, excellence and tolerance.

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