What needs protecting in your business?

We can use different types of cover to minimise disruption to your business.

We can protect cash flow, ensure control, guarantee debts are cleared and protect your employees. Your dedicated Business Protection Adviser will understand your business and then search the market to find the best deal for you.

Protect loved ones with a tax efficient life policy run through your business.

In the event of your death your beneficiaries receive money free of tax. If you are employed you qualify for this type of product.

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    • Life cover in trust for your family.
    • The business pays the premium.
    • Tax relief should be allowed.
    • Continuation option means you can take the cover with you should you leave.

Typically 49%

saving against paying for Life Cover on a personal basis.

Every business has people who are key to its success and profit.

This cover gives your business access to capital when disaster strikes.

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    • Business typically owns the policy
    • Pay-out goes to the business
    • Usually no need for a trust

About 46%

of new businesses would cease trading immediately if they lost a key person.

Any business owing money to a creditor, bank or director should consider protecting the debt.

Often these agreements have a re-call facility which means the payment can be demanded in full, very quickly. This causes cash flow problems.

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    • A tax-free lump sum or decreasing cover is available.
    • Protect individuals with the business benefitting.
    • Guarantee confidence with creditors. banks, staff and customers.

Around 57%

of businesses have some form of debt.

This allows shareholders and partnerships to continue business without disruption if one of them passes away or falls critically ill.

Money is provided back to the business so the family is compensated in these events and the surviving parties gain full control.

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    • Provide certainty to your family the correct amount of money is given to them for your business interest.
    • We can provide trust guidance to avoid tax issues.
    • We will explain 'option' agreements to allow tax reliefs.

Nearly 50%

of all businesses have no instruction or will about what would happen to their interest if they passed or fell critically ill.

Specialist advice, impartial, free.

Speak with a business protection specialist who can answer any questions you have, and find the most suitable cover for your business, employees and your family.

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