Relevant Life Cover

Relevant Life Cover is a tax efficient way for a business to offer death in service benefits to its employees and offers an alternative to group life schemes.

It can be a valuable addition, or a starting point for any benefits package, whilst helping to retain your best people, or recruit new talent.

Any employee of a business qualifies, including shareholder directors. Benefits are paid into a discretionary trust for your family.

Qualifying criteria:

  • Do you have an active role in the business?
  • Do you take PAYE income?
  • Are you employed by the business?
  • Is the business a trading entity?

  • Small businesses with less than 5 employees.
  • High earners who don't want their death in service benefits to count towards their lifetime pension allowance.
  • Employees who want to top up death in service benefits they receive.
  • The employer takes out a policy on the employee and pays the premium.
  • Cover levels can be up to 25 x salary, and, or dividends.
  • The policy term cannot exceed the employee's 75th birthday.
  • Benefit is payable on death or terminal illness and can be level or increasing.
  • If the employee leaves the business, they can take the cover with them.
  • There is no surrender value.

Words of Wisdom

"Relevant Life Cover makes so much sense for so many people - the savings are SO significant - 20% up to 49% - once you find out how it works, you'll want it!"

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