Employee Benefits

Employee benefits can assist the employee financially, or their family, by providing them with money either as a replacement income or as a lump sum.

The handpicked insurers we use offer a range of support services to aid recovery and rehabilitation. Employers gain access to services in preventing illness and legal guidance related to lost of different situations.

There are tax breaks for the businesses who pay the premiums and employers find the cost very reasonable for benefits achieved. It's also a fabulous way to show employees they are valued.

Some options include:

  • Life Cover
  • Critical Illness main, and additional conditions
  • Income replacement with a limited benefit amount
  • Income replacement with a continuous benefit amount

  • The type of benefits your employees would like to have. (Life Insurance, Critical Illness, or Income Replacement). Most companies opt for life cover initially, however all benefits can be incorporated if structured correctly for a budget.
  • When is your annual salary review? Often this is a perfect time to introduce these types of benefits, either to compliment or given as an alternative.
  • If you have existing cover do you want to save money or get different benefits? We can give you lots of options.
  • The employer owns the policy and pays the premiums.
  • Premiums can often be offset against profits for tax purposes.*
  • Rates are fixed for around 3 years.
  • Often there is no medical underwriting.
  • Different job types can be out into separate categories which dictates what level of benefit is given.
  • Members can have a multiple of salary or a flat level benefit.
  • Each of the members in the scheme have access to ancillary services of the insurer.

*Depends on cover type. When we talk, ask your Adviser for more detail.

Words of Wisdom

"Cover is inexpensive for the value provided to your employees, and due to the tax breaks it makes business sense."

Malcom Robertson - Specialist Business Adviser

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