How do you choose the right cover?

We'll guide you through your different choices and help you make the right decision for your business.

What to think about if you're......

  • Sole Trader

    Do you have any employees?

    Are any key to the business?

    Do you have any debt?

  • Partnership

    Do you have a partnership agreement?

    What happens if you die?

  • Partnership LLP

    Are there member loans to the business?

    What is your succession plan?

  • Limited (Ltd)

    Who owns the business?

    What do your articles say?

    What is the value of the business?

What to start thinking about?

  • Relevant Life Cover

    Tax-efficient death cover

    Paid to your family

    Business pays the premium

  • Key Person Cover

    Provides capital to the business

    Cover death, illness or incapacity

    Premiums paid by the business

  • Ownership cover

    Shareholders regain control

    Family gets money for your share

    Business as usual

  • Business Debt

    Clears loans and debt

    Cover death or critical illness

  • Employee Benefits

    Protect your employees

    Prevent absences

    Attract and recruit staff

Find our more about business products

  • What arrangements do you currently have in place to protect the dependents of owners, directors and employees?
  • Do individuals make their own arrangements?
  • Are there any high earners who have a big pension fund?
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  • What are the most important job functions in your business?
  • How do you replace know-how and specific expertise?
  • What are the costs of recruiting and training a replacement?
  • How many contacts or contracts could be lost?
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  • Ask the other partners or shareholders what they want to happen to their share or interest if they die or fall critically ill then wanted to retire?
  • How do you ensure this all happens?
  • When did you last update your Articles of Association?
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  • How would the business pay debt if it lost a key person?
  • Do any debts have a recall facility?
  • If an overdraft or loan was recalled what effect would that have on cash flow?
  • How would the business raise capital to repay directors' loans on death to their estate?
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  • What arrangements do you have in place for your employees?
  • What do your competitors offer?
  • How could you use this type of benefit to retain and attract talent into your business?
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    Did you know?

    Over 50% of businesses have left no instruction in a will or made any special arrangements regarding shares

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      I would  definitely recommend your company as the information I received was clear and the advisor I spoke to was clear and made sure I was comfortable with what I was being asked and what I was agreeing too. Very happy customer.

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    • What our customers say

      Great. Carl Bravo and Jamal Shashore (and everyone else I spoke to) were both very helpful, polite and took the time to ensure I understood everything.  Big thanks for helping me through the process and finding us the right insurance policies!

      James McDonald - London

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      I first dealt with Lifesearch over 5 years ago and have always been impressed with the friendly and informative service I have received.

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      They got me the best quote and advised which one would be best for me. Excellent service.

      Tracey Knox - Bradford

    • What our customers say

      Really very good!! Not only offered products that suited my needs but also kept me informed of better/cheaper products that were found.

      Gayathri Sivapalan - London

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