Winter Workout Tips

Thursday 24 November 2016, 05:00 PM

Terry Hawkins
Digital Marketing Executive , LifeSearch

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'Tis the season to lose all fitness motivation.
It seems like overnight we’ve gone from BBQ’s to brollies and swimsuits to scarves.

Along with wrapping up warm and having sweet treats forced upon us, we find ourselves putting off any fitness regimes we started in the summer with the classic line “I’ll start again in January”.
Hopefully these hints and tips can help you muster up some, or even a little motivation during these dark and dull wintery months!

Light it up
So you wake up and its still dark and your first thought... “That snooze button is getting pressed multiple times!” 
The best way to combat that feeling, hit that light switch! As soon as it's on you’ll be out the door in your running gear in no time! 

Indoor warm ups
Before you jump straight in to those arctic temperatures, warm up at home. 
I’m talking running in the spot in your kitchen and jumping jacks in the bathroom! Anywhere at home is a good start!

Home is where the (healthy) heart is

The thing with joining a gym is they can be expensive normally having to sign up for a yearly plan too! 
A cheaper alternative would be to get some basic equipment (let’s say dumbbells which can cost as little as £30, which is roughly a months subscription to a gym.)
Pair that up with a fitness DVD or a HIIT workout on YouTube and you will have your own private gym experience. 

Layer up
Base layer: Look for a synthetic fabric, like polypropylene or capilene. Avoid cotton as it holds moisture and will become cold. Try a turtleneck for walking the dog or a long-sleeve tee for running.
Middle layer: This will to provide insulation, wool or fleece could work. Thickness depends on intensity of your workout and temperature outside.
Outer layer: Windbreakers are the perfect choice, waterproof too! 
Add a hat and maybe a ski mask to protect your face against cold winds. 

Soggy shoes
If you decide to brave an outdoor run, we all know thanks to typical British weather the chances are your trainers will get soaked.
Once you return from your run try stuffing shoes with wadded newspaper to soak up the moisture and place them in a warm, dry spot but not too close to the radiator: Heat breaks down the foam and rubber in trainers.
They will be left dry and fresh for your next mission outside.

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