Whipper Snappers

Friday 24 March 2017, 03:56 PM

Terry Hawkins
Digital Marketing Executive , LifeSearch

A child’s curious mind, the creative way they look at things and the stories they conjure up, make them natural happy snappers!

Kids, they view things totally different from us adults; in a literal sense and from a creative point of view.  

With imagination running wild it would seem like a key-opportunity to get some creative snaps! all without an app on your smartphone.
What better chance to get a meaningful inexpensive piece of art to hang on the wall?

Here I will highlight some of my top ideas on how to get the kids started with photography, money saving tips & top opportunities to shoot.

1. On the cheap

When you think of photography; expensive equipment will come to mind! 

But there are plenty of options that are totally cost effective and fun for the nippers,
here's just a few ideas - 

Using film is a great option, even a throw-away camera, there's nothing like the excitement of waiting for your pictures to get developed!
Alternatively you can pick up some bargain digital cameras on Ebay or Gumtree for pennies.

You don't need fancy lenses for great effects, try placing a magnifying glass or a pair of sunglasses over the lens.

“Remember it’s the kids imagination that will do the talking in these photos not the equipment used!” 

Lighting is always fun to experiment with; some torches with coloured acetate or tape on them produces some amazing effects! Or even a simple piece of tissue paper covering the flash will diffuse the light giving the picture a softer feel. 

2. Where and when

If you want to, venture outside to make it an adventure, discover some animals at the farm, take a country walk or even go bug hunting in the woods! All of these settings will hold lots of textures, light sources, wildlife and picturesque settings for the little ones to discover. Why not head out nice and early and make a day of it. Keep in mind the “golden hour” as the sun sets, it’s a great time to get pictures with a warm soft glow! 

Image result for kids camera photography

3. Making Memories

Let's be honest, the kids will never remember every detail about your holiday to Spain, so that’s the best time to hand them the camera and let them take charge, they will be able to look back and forever remember the colour of the sand, the flowers in bloom, the décor in the restaurant whilst getting some tapas and the brightly coloured ice creams eaten too.

4. Proud moment

Once you have had your pictures developed you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. A shot of bark on a tree or an artistic shot of your wellies may pop up and will create a fantastic piece of wall art.
Photobox offer great prices to your new stylish art piece into retro prints, canvases or even a photo book which can be used as an awesome little portfolio for the kids.

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