The ultimate duvet day!

Monday 15 August 2016, 04:00 PM

Terry Hawkins
Digital Marketing Executive , LifeSearch

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Everyone deserves a day off from the usual mundane tasks & chores! So get wound up in a duvet with a box set or an online series ready to be immersed.

If you’re struggling to find something that will keep your eyes glued to the screen, read on as I have listed my personal top 5 ‘must watch’ series for the most incredible duvet day you will ever experience! And don’t worry, your friends will understand that “Sorry, I can't make tonight” will probably mean you’ll be on a final episode!

Breaking bad 

A dark and complex drama about a secondary school teacher turned drug lord. 
It sounds a little far-fetched, but you will be sucked in from the first episode. 

Starring Bryan Cranston (don’t let Cranston’s previous work as the goofball dad in Malcolm in the middle put you off), his portrayal of the transformation of Walter White into the infamous Heisenberg is one of the best dramatic performances I have ever seen! Greatly partnered with Aaron Paul as Jessie Pinkman, Mr White’s previous student turned Business partner...Be the one who watches!!!

Game of thrones 

Trying to put together a short review of a show that is 6 series and also an 800+ page book isn’t going to be easy!

Here goes:

Several noble houses are fighting a war over who should be king, while an exiled princess tries to regain her rightful place in the world, 
Oh, and the kingdom is threatened by some rising supernatural threat in the north. Boom! 

It’s a real roller coaster of a show and can’t say much without giving away spoilers, only that characters you will begin to love will constantly become enemies and no one is safe! One word of advice; stick with it! I forced myself to watch the first few episodes and was then hooked! There’s a lot of characters and it's worth bearing with the introductions. 

Stranger things 

Bursting with tonnes of nostalgia, a real homage to a great sci-fi/adventure story and a killer soundtrack to boot! 
This show offers little nods to The Goonies, ET and other favourites from our childhood, although I wouldn’t suggest popping this one on for the little ones, it’s a 14+ rating so bear that in mind. 

It’s set in autumn of 1983, (without all the cheese of the 80’s).
When a young boy goes missing; his mother, his friends & the local police chief take on the mission to find him but along the way begin to discover shocking truths about their hometown.

It’s dark, creepy and definitely worth a watch. 

The first series has just been released and currently Netflix are in talks to start the second series soon.

The Office (U.S)

More of a light hearted option.

The British series of The office is something we all hold dearly to our hearts; Gervais’ Brent character made the show, which has put people off watching the series made stateside. 

While the first few episodes feel like a cheap knock off of the UK series, stay with it, the characters tear away from their British counterparts and some might say that it surpasses the original!

Steve Carrell pulls off the incompetent, comedian wannabe boss extremely well and as the series progresses you will become attached to each character, feeling emotional one moment yet roaring with laughter the next.

The Walking Dead 

This series has more to offer than zombies and a bit of gore. 
The writers have taken in to consideration how people would react in a post-apocalyptic zombie universe!
Friendships found, enemies made and the downright dastardly making it hard to settle and stay safe. 

You begin the series following Rick (a Sheriff Deputy) waking from a coma to find a new world suffering with a zombie epidemic.

While his family and fellow survivors are trying to remain safe from the “Walkers”.

Enjoy your day off and see you in about 5 weeks! :)

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