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Wednesday 19 July 2017, 01:53 PM

Terry Hawkins
Digital Marketing Executive , LifeSearch

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Schools out and I’m sure some of you are already tired of hearing “But I’m BOOORED!”? 

So why not treat the family to a day at the seaside. Everyone’s first thought tends to be that it will cost an arm and a leg, but with these top seaside tips you needn’t fear an empty wallet!

Location, Location Location!
Most of the UK’s biggest cities are within 90 minutes of some of the best seaside hot spots, so it is really worth doing your research and making sure you aren’t over-spending on fuel or fare.
A great website to check your nearest beach is... you guessed it!

Choo! Choo! Choose the right way!
When jumping on a train, group savings can save you a great deal of cash, so get the whole family to come along too! One deal that could help out groups of 3-8 people travelling together on off-peak tickets, is the GroupSave deal with, you could be eligible for up to 34% off.

An added bonus is that you avoid all that pesky traffic on the way, allowing you to get stuck into a good book!

Do not exit through the gift shop!
Easier said than done, but those novelty shops along the seafront often sell gifts at double the price of anywhere else.

Try and venture out a little further if you are looking for a little memento of your trip.

Alternatively why not grab some shells and pebbles from the beach? You could get the kids to paint them and stick magnets to them or stick them around a photo frame with a selfie - paddling in the sea. That’s a lot more meaningful than a ‘kiss me quick’ hat!

Who needs the arcade?

Check out these ace seaside games:

Beach Blow Racing
Dig a channel in the sand, as deep as the height of a ping-pong ball. Drop the ball at one end of the track and blow it to the finish line.

Get as creative as you like, maybe even make some tunnels or bridges!

Beach Bowling
Dig three holes in the sand, large, medium and small. All you have to do is roll the ball into the holes! The further and smaller the holes, the more points are awarded! (TIP: use a ball with some weight behind it, a tennis ball works great)

Tic Tac Toe
This game can be played anywhere, at any time, age is but a number with this one. Draw a board in the sand and use toys, balls, shells... or anything else that you can find for pieces.

Beach Eats
It's easy to think that packing a picnic can be too much hassle. You begin to think that you might as well buy some lunch while you're there, but with these awesome little 'picnic hacks' you will save a few pounds and have a stress-free lunch too! 

Freeze your water bottles instead of bringing ice packs to keep your snacks cool. Your water will be extra cold for hours, and you’ll keep your snacks fresh, too.

You could also freeze water balloons and pack them into your cooler. After they’ve thawed completely, have a water balloon fight!

Fill a glass with some pennies in and you'll have an all natural fly repellent to keep unwelcome guests at bay while you eat.

Check out these tasty recipes perfect for a beach picnic!

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