Are smartphones smarter than we think?

Wednesday 13 July 2016, 02:30 PM

Terry Hawkins
Digital Marketing Executive , LifeSearch

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We all use our smartphones for various things.

Taking pictures of the kids or the odd selfie? Maybe checking social media to see who’s started following you or liked your latest status? Or to go back to basics and simply send a text message and make a phone call.

But here are 5 things most of us never knew these small pieces of tech that sit in our pockets every day do!

It’s like living in in a science fiction movie. Well sort of!

5. GPS reminders 
Imagine walking into the local shop and your phone reminds you not to forget the milk, or having a quick nap on the train and your device tells you to wake up just before your stop. Well you can and it actually works!!! On iOS you can set these from reminders and Android uses Google keep. Just remember to turn on your GPS and location services also be aware that your location is hard to detect underground! 

4. Make your apps work together 
IF is an app available on Android and iOS, which creates simple connections between apps and functions. You could, for example, set mobile data to turn off when you're connected to Wi-Fi or automatically upload new photos to your cloud storage service of choice. As long as there's an app or function somewhere you should be able to do it. To make things even easier, there are dozens of pre-created 'recipes', so you can instantly automate almost everything.

3. Stay level headed
Most smartphones include an accelerometer, which is used to identify your phone's orientation, so that the screen will know when to auto-rotate and means your phone can be used as a spirit level. If you have an Android phone, you can download apps to do this, but if you have an Apple device running iOS 7 or higher, the function is built in. You just have to launch the compass app and then swipe across to a second screen. Now you know where it is you can start checking your shelves, floor, furniture or dog. Enjoy!
2. Find that song!

You may have heard of Shazam or SoundHound for your smartphone, both are normally used to identify a song that is currently playing. But did you know that Google, Apple and Microsoft have also created their own song identification tools? They are built right into your own virtual assistants, so you can just ask Google Now or Siri what's playing or tap the Music Search icon inside Cortana.

1. Scan/ Digitize old negatives with your camera 

Simply snap the negative while being held up to light and use your phones photo editor to invert colour. This may not be the best way to do this for printing, but it does the trick for sharing with friends online!

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