Brickin' it!!!

Wednesday 03 August 2016, 08:30 AM

Terry Hawkins
Digital Marketing Executive , LifeSearch

  • Lego Large

Being a dad of a 4 year old little boy I’m constantly surrounded by discarded bits of Lego!

So much that I have to treat my trip to the kitchen for a morning coffee like an episode of Takeshi’s castle!

When I was sat there trying to pry out one of these small colourful bricks that had been firmly embedded into my foot it made me think…

As an adult we see these as little construction blocks of doom and nothing more,

but if we get a little bit creative with them we can use them to our own benefit for everyday life!

So parents rejoice!! The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a quick list of my top 5 Lego life hacks that can be used in your daily life.

Key holder

You could get go really big and bold with this one… 

How about different Lego characters for each family member?


Gift wrap/box

This could to come in handy next Christmas…

Although could be quite costly!


Lego lampshade

Simple and very effective! The kids will love this!

When they get bored or you change your decor, simply rebuild to match! 


DIY Phone holder/Charging dock

Such an easy idea! Great way to watch your favourite streamed shows, or pop a charging cable through it and use it as a docking station.

You could really let your imagination run wild with this one!


Cable tidies

Who knew that LEGO designed their figures' hands perfectly to hold Apple lightning and other types of cables? 

no building required and keeps your cables tangle free.

I myself have a batman donated to me from my little boy!


Well that’s it get some practice in!

You could end up with an actual house!!!