Top toys for Christmas 2015

Friday 06 November 2015, 11:35 AM

Terry Hawkins
Digital Marketing Executive , LifeSearch

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It’s that time of the year again, it’s getting darker earlier, tins of Christmas chocolates are piled high at Tesco, and that famous big red lorry dowsed in fairy lights is due to grace our screens on every ad break.

This Christmas my son will be 3 years old and he’s already excited about the big day. It got me thinking about my own memories of waking up on Christmas morning and rummaging through my stocking to find an assortment of satsumas, walnuts and the occasional market stall knock-off action man..but most importantly, being over the moon!. You can imagine my surprise when my three year old said he would like Santa to bring him a tablet for Christmas, since when did toddlers even know what tech is, let alone use it better than me?!

After a little research, I've come up with this year's definitive top 5 'must have' toys.  (Are you sitting down? You might want to sit down!)

5) IDO 3D Deluxe Design Studio

Pick up your pens and get drawing in 3D!, this great little gadget allows kids to draw in 3D and make their own toys and sculptures! Could this be a genius idea? Next time your kids are saying they are bored and want new toys, you can tell them to make their own! 

3d Drawing Set

4) Frozen Skate and Sing Elsa doll

Frozen has got hold of one of the top spots again this year and it’s not going to let it go!

A remote control doll that not only skates around your floor but sings too .. I’ll give you one guess on her song choice!

Frozen doll

3) My Friend Freddy

A smart teddy bear that comes with its own app, for smartphones and tablets (iOS and android). You can tell Freddy’s app little facts about your child – likes, dislikes, that kind of thing – and clever talking Freddy will then impress your child by knowing all of his/her favourite things.

Freddy Bear

2) BB-8 sphero

You guessed it! With star wars being released in December its only logical that something from the franchise is going to make it into the list. This little thing does seem pretty amazing, and I wouldn’t mind having one of these myself, you can control it with your mobile phone via an app and use it to send messages to friends.

It’s just plain AWESOME in my book!

BB8 Sphero

Numero Uno) Thunderbirds Tracy Island play-set

What a classic! Something that parents and kids alike can both enjoy! With added smart technology coming in at £79.99rrp its come a long way since the home made Blue Peter versions. This play-set still looks a lot like the toy that famously sold out in the 90s!

Tracy Island

It’s strange to see how much a child’s Christmas list has changed since I was  a nipper, it seems less of a Christmas list and more of a list of gadgets owned by 007 himself! I'm looking forward to see what Christmas will be like over the next ten years, although I’m sure my wallet isn’t looking forward to it!

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