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Thursday 29 October 2015, 10:25 AM

Philip Pulling
Client Support , LifeSearch

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It's that time of year... the children are dressing up as ghastly characters and knock on the door for ’tricks or treats’. So make sure you've got the best pumpkin in the street with our list of pumpkin carving tips and ideas. 

1.    Always use a serrated knife when carving a pumpkin; bread knives, steak knives, carving knives… take your pick. The flesh of a pumpkin is too dense to safely cut with a straight knife.
2.    Pumpkin preservation – Coat the inside of your pumpkin with a mild household bleach spray. Do this initially and then daily. It keeps mould spores from developing and this will in turn stop your pumpkin from rotting as quickly.
3.    A metal ice-cream scoop is a great tool for scooping the innards out of a pumpkin – raid those drawers and give your ice-cream scoop a use for the autumn.
4.    To transfer patterns from paper to pumpkin use toothpicks or pins to trace around the design leaving guidelines for your carving.

Here’s our top 5 pumpkin carving ideas:

Cyberman – If you or the kids are an avid fan of the most famous Doctor that’s ever travelled through time then you will be well aware who this guy is. It looks more complicated that it is. Go on… have a go.

 Cyberman Pumpkin


Harry Potter – Scar and glasses Pumpkin – This one is an absolute piece of pumpkin pie to do. Remember you could even add a Hogwarts scarf or paint his hair on… Wizardly.  

Harry Potter Pumpkin 


Vodoo doll – Why not try your hand at this design. You can find loads of stencils by searching online.  Just don't cast a voodoo spell on anyone!

Voodoo Pumpkin 


Toothless simpleton – Kid your other half that you've created a likeness of them! Drawing around the lid of a jam jar creates the perfect size round eyes.

 Toothless Pumpkin


The classic vomiting head- Now this is one of my all-time favourites. It’s harrowing yet hilarious. All you need to do is create a pumpkin face that looks strained and then save the innards. Display them in a sick-like manner and hey presto.  

Vomiting Pumpkin 

Transform a watermelon for a different eerie feeling?
Get creative and sketch your very own idea onto a pumpkin with felt-tip pens
Why not carve another design into the back of your pumpkin to cast a spooky shadow on your wall
Use nuts, bolts, screws and nails to add accessories to your pumpkin. He’ll be Frankenstein in no time.


Happy Halloween!

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