10 ways to make your home safer

Thursday 30 July 2015, 12:30 PM

Andy Leeks
Accounts and budding author , LifeSearch

  • 10 ways to make your home safer
No matter whether you want to ensure that you home is safe from intruders or whether you want to make it safe for those who live inside, our top 10 ways to make your home safer is sure to provide you with some quick tips to make a change for the better

1.    Turn your old phone into a security camera. Not sure what to do with your old phone? Why not consider turning it into a security camera for your home. There are lots of apps that are freely available and the following YouTube clip will show you how in just a couple of minutes.

2.    Never attempt repair work of appliances that may involve undue risk. It may seem obvious, but many home accidents are the result of improper tampering with tools such as lawnmowers and trimmers. Either get the help of a professional or consider replacing the faulty item altogether. It’s a small price to pay when you compare it to the worst that could happen.

3.    Wash your hands. Another one that may seem obvious, but basic hygiene around the home can help to keep those bugs at bay.  It has been stated that if everyone routinely washed their hands, a million deaths per year could be prevented.

4.    Invest in some plug in timers. Electric timers can have two positive impacts on your home. Firstly, they can be used as a security measure, to give the effect that you are home when you are away. Secondly, they can help to cut your electricity bill, by ensuring that the timers are set to start expensive appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryer’s at the cheapest times of the day

5.    Get rid of that hidden key. We’ve all done it and let’s be honest, it gives us peace of mind to know that should the worst happen, there is always a spare key on hand. The trouble is, all the time that the spare key is under that flower pot, there’s a chance that someone else will find it, and they won’t be interested in simply wiping their feet, checking if anyone is home and then politely closing the door behind them. It’s time to ditch that hidden key and instead keep a second key on your person, in your car or with someone you trust.

6.    Keep a basic first aid kit in the home and car for any mishaps that may occur. A good first aid kit can be purchased relatively cheaply and it can help to ensure that minor mishaps are dealt with quickly in the home. It’s also just as important to replace anything you have used from the kit with immediate effect. Don’t just leave it until your next shopping trip, because you will end up forgeting and will only be reminded when it is too late.

   Learn to use a knife properly. It probably seems a silly suggestion, but the reality is that most people don’t know how to use a knife properly. It’s one of the first things you will learn at catering college, right after being told that that the customer is always right and right before you realise that they never are. The idea is to tuck in the bottom section of your fingers so that they are at the same angle as the knife. You then use your fingers as a guide for the knife, which ensures that you can be more precise and that you will never have to reach for the first aid kit again. (This doesn’t mean you can now ignore number 6, accidents will still inevitably happen).
Check out this YouTube video to learnmore about the correct technique.

8.    Don’t advertise your whereabouts on social media. Announcing to the world that you are sunning yourself in Florida is essentially a public invitation to burgle your home. While you may think you have everything covered with your privacy settings, social networks are complex and you never truly know who gets to see what. It’s better to keep things to yourself and share it with your friends when you are back. In fact, instead of updating social networks, why don’t you use that hotel WiFi to check up on your newly installed home security we told you about in tip number 1.

9.    Take your car keys upstairs with you at night. You might be thinking “How does this tip help to make my home safer” and the answer is simple. Many people leave their car keys next to windows and doors. Thieves have been known to carry improvised hooks in order to fish the keys through small gaps such as open windows and letter boxes. Once in possession, they are free to take the car, but in a lot of cases they will find that the house and garage keys will also come as an added bonus. If you have folding seats and a decent size boot, you could be waving goodbye to a lot more than just the family car.

10.    Join a local neighbourhood watch group. Not only will you finally find out why the strange couple at number 57 have so many visitors, it’s likely you’ll make some long and lasting friendships too