Skint, Sullen and Pride-dented?

Sunday 19 February 2017, 05:58 PM

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Our leadership team had two days of training this week and we talked often about coming off auto-pilot and considering your words and actions.

That was my experience from last week when I was having to think about every spending action which thankfully, that I'd rarely have to do.

I guess I'm a classic example of the 'pink pound'; bachelor, no dependants, good income of which a nice chunk is disposable and broadly speaking, no-one to be responsible for or answer to. Perhaps it should be renamed the 'selfish pound'. It does mean though that I can usually spend and do what I want. Not last week for sure with on average £7 a day to live on.


Despite remembering on Sunday evening it was my turn, I forgot and blew £3 on my Cafe Nero en route to Old Street. Doh!

Lots of free food in London from insurers, our stationer and the new healthy office free fruit so I tucked in.

In the evening I was saved by staying away at our Xmas party hotel so had dinner there as a freebie from the hotel. Boom! I needed snacks on the train ride so that was the rest of my £7 gone. Nothing healthy in my gob that day.


Free breakfast at the hotel and smuggled a bunch of food out of the hotel restaurant to sustain me through the morning (it takes a lot to fuel this frame you know!). 

Lunch was bought on the train on the way home so that was pretty much my £7 blown at their prices. As I was away from home, no chance to prepare food to eat on the move like the homemade soups that have been sustaining other #livingonSSP LifeSearchers.

I go to a personal trainer on a Tuesday night (la-de-dah!). The £40 a session would have wiped out my entire budget so thankfully I charmed Pawel into rolling the cost of the session into February's Direct Debit. I needed to order some protein powder, vitamins etc which would usually cost me £50. No chance so I ran out before the end of the week. 

Evening meal was frozen portion of chilli I made the week before. Yippee! 


London in the morning then up to Milton Keynes in the afternoon. I Managed to bring a few snacks from home to keep me going but the £7 went easily on lunch and drinks on the move

The first payment for my Apple Watch was due today but as I'd maxed out the points in January, I had nothing to pay!



AMEN for free Starbucks. Lapped that up when the email came through.
Went to Leeds and back so again, couldn't take any hot food etc to keep me going so the £7 went easily on lunch, snacks to power me there and back.

Went to the cinema that evening (another win with a Vitality freebie). No popcorn though! (ggggggrrrrr - salt and sweet blend is the way to go) and my friend Sam and I usually have a bite to eat beforehand as it's too late for dinner after. This time, mine was a packet sandwich from Tesco. Deeply thrilling! Go and see Lion if you have a chance. An astonishing piece of filmmaking


Milton Keynes and back and in lots of meetings so no chance to go out for lunch or heat something up so snacking on stuff I bought from home but nothing of any nutritional value

Thanks to some of our Tele-Interviewers for filling me with Haribo and cakes that were on the pod #lifesavers!


Had in my diary for weeks to go visit a friend in Cobham for lunch. £4.80 for the train fare leaving me £2.20 for lunch. She paid. Bless her. We stumped for the Cote £10.95 set menu so it wasn't too unfair. 

Turned down her suggestion that we go to the theatre that night. I don't know of any theatre that offers tickets for £2.20.


Had to travel down to Sussex for a family birthday event. A £1 card from Poundland (two for £1 in fact so I've saved one for my friend Alan's birthday in May) and a bluff that I'd had such a busy week on the road that I hadn't had time to get a gift but I'd make it up the next time I was down. Train fare was £9 so that was Sunday's cash gone in one hit plus some shrapnel from earlier in the week. A very quiet Sunday evening at home

Some of the lessons learned:

◦You're tempted to tell some porky pies as to why you can't do things to save embarrassment.
◦It's really difficult to buy healthy food on low incomes.
◦Being on the road a lot with low income means you either go hungry as there's no cupboard to reach for or you can't prepare food.
◦Saying no to so many things really dents your self-esteem and sense of fun and leaves you grumpy.
◦Feeling held back by your finances is a depressing feeling. 

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