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Thursday 23 February 2017, 03:31 PM

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To say the last week was hard would be an understatement. Until you have to work to such a strict budget you have no idea of the things you take for granted.

The idea that some people may be forced to live like this for more than 7 days is quite scary.
In my week I was quite lucky, I had a full fridge and freezer, an aunt who fed me for a day and people at work who gave me snacks. 
This week I will need to go shopping, I'm taking my brother out for food and I'm also having a catch up with some old school friends.
These really are things that we take for granted.

I woke up and decided to have Weetabix for breakfast because its filling! (I knew I'd need to be smart with what I ate to ensure I don't over spend!)
I opened the fridge to find there was not enough milk, so breakfast was 2 slices of toast instead.

I arrived at work and helped myself to a healthy portion of the fruit box as soon as it arrived.
I had a decision to make, if I wished to use my gym I'll have to deduct £6 a month of my weekly budget. (It's worth it, so I bit the bullet.)
Lunch was a £1 Panini (this is easy!)
Yesterday's left over chicken breast with fries for dinner it is! £41 left.

It was an early start down to Milton Keynes, so I woke up to have Weetabix... No wait! I didn't because I ran out of milk! I went to the bread bin and saw my house mate had helped himself to the rest of my bread! I headed for my car cursing, eating an apple!

Progress was slow on the motorway and my temper was becoming short with the many idiotic drivers who decided to get in my way. 
Rich (my colleague) asked to stop at the services so he can get a coffee, I really didn't want to but decided it's the best thing to do, perhaps I could find a meal deal!
I ended up having a McDonald's breakfast wrap for £3.79. I really wanted a full English breakfast, but at £9.49 it was out of my price range.
We made a quick stop at a petrol station and bought a Milky Bar and a Twix for 65p each and then shortly arrived in Milton Keynes and headed to the meeting.

When we left Milton Keynes I had a Twix as I drove up the motorway.
I arrived home to see a note saying everyone was watching the football at the pub. I decided I had better not go and made myself a fish finger sandwich instead,
leaving the cupboards empty... The shop was calling! I came back with milk and bread total £4.

I went to bed in a foul mood (perhaps it's not going to be as easy as I thought!) £31.91 left

I woke up later than expected, the plan was to take sandwiches to work... oh well.
I had my Weetabix, so the morning went easier than expected. I went to the gym for a leg workout and decided what I'm going to have for lunch, this is where the wheels fell off and decided I'm just going to have what I want, so I got 2 pieces and chicken and chips for £3.50. (Oh! And a Lucozade too for £1.20.)

I made it home and for some reason I had a banging headache.
I decided unlike Paula, in her previous blog, I won't buy painkillers, instead I will have a Chinese takeaway!!! Don't judge! This is my cheat day!
I spent £12.50 and got in to bed with a smile on my face but knowing I've spent way too much. £14.71 left

I woke up and had my Weetabix and two slices of toast, I headed to work knowing I cannot afford any more lapses.
I bought a £3 meal deal from Sainsbury's. It's going to be a long weekend!
I started to plan what I'm going to do with my weekend, so I arranged to borrow a book from a work mate.

I got home and had an oven pizza, I didn't even know it was in the freezer! it's amazing what you find when you really look.

I went to bed somewhat worried about the weekend.  £10.71 left

Today is a lieu day, so the plan was to sleep as long as possible.
I woke up to my phone ringing, it was my friend asking me if I wanted to go to the Drake concert next week, as he knew somebody who couldn't make it and we needed to move quickly.
I asked how much it was, and then he told me! I realised it didn't matter what the price was... I couldn't afford it!
I declined and tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't, so I got up to have the standard Weetabix and two slices of toast it did the job before I guess!

I kept myself busy by cleaning the house.

I then decided to go to the Gym and collect the book I said that I would borrow. A friend suggested going with him to the casino to which I didn't answer and left before I could be persuaded to attend.

When I got home I made myself a homemade dinner and sat in front of the TV.
My house mate asked me if I wanted to go out on Saturday as it's a friend's birthday in Manchester... I again decline!
He asked if I was going out locally? I told him "No I'm just chilling at home". He points and laughs out loud and says "Let me know how that goes!?"
I did suggest we could stay in and play board games, at which he responded by laughing even louder.  

I had to be a hermit that weekend. No money spent, so still sat on £10.71
I went to bed wishing I could just wake up and it was Monday.
Survival Saturday and Sunday
For breakfast I made 2 boiled eggs, beans and bacon. I thought that would keep me going for now.
I called my Aunt and told her I'll be coming for dinner on Sunday and will be (very) hungry.

I had £10 left to spend, I'd worked out that I have enough food in the house to survive and  I'll be fed well by my Aunt, so decided to place two bets. If I can win, it will mean I can go out!! (YES!) 
If not I'll be in the same situation I am now.

The 1st bet was for Chelsea, Everton and Liverpool all to win at the football the 2nd bet was Rugby union - England & Ireland both to win.
Anybody's who's into sport will know neither of these bets won!

As such I had to remain at home whilst my house mate and supposed friend got ready for their night out.
I watched their snapchats of the night with various people wishing me well or asking why I wasn't there.
I was left at home reading the book I've been given. (fun huh?!)

I finished the week with 71p left which I gave to my little brother on Sunday for doing well in his spellings (he's 6). He looked at me and says I normally give him more! :(

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